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Who We Are

We’re software development experts who have been solving business problems using technology for more than 20 years. For us, software is all about empowering people and organisations to realise their full potential. That’s what sets us apart – we believe that great people equals great software.

We have spent a great deal of time building a network of the most talented software developers in Central and Eastern Europe. In addition to finding the best developers, we also made sure to cover a broad range of technologies in order to service the needs of most clients. 

We thrive on building long term successful and happy client relationships. Speak to us if you are looking to Augment your existing software development teams.




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Why choose getDeveloper

Our Managing Director and Founder also manage a software development company called redPanda Software. redPanda Software does end-to-end software development using software developers provided by getDeveloper. This means that we understand the challenges our clients face very well.

Our software engineers and developers are skilled in a wide range of programming languages and techniques, allowing them to deliver the most effective and fruitful outcomes for each project.

We work on ground-breaking initiatives and digitally empower organizations using cutting-edge technologies and techniques.

Our engineers use agile approaches to seamlessly integrate with our clients’ in-house teams and business operations, delivering cutting-edge solutions to a wide range of technical and business demands.

A basic component of what we do is provide leading corporations with some of the best developers in the industry. Our developers are well educated with extensive experience building real-world software solutions.  

Our expertise

With our extensive network of software developers we can always find the right developer at the right time. We don’t have to rely on developers sitting on the bench, and can find some of the best developers as they come off other projects.

We only work with developers who are employed by our partner organisations. This means that they have already been vetted and are suitable for professional engagements. This saves us a lot of time when finding software developers that match our client requirements.

We add another layer of vetting by doing technical interviews before passing on candidates to our clients. The purpose of this is to make sure their communication using English is suitable and that they match the technical requirements as closely as possible.

Once the client has done their interviews and approved the candidate, we make sure the onboarding process is as efficient as possible. We make sure all agreements are in place to protect all the parties. This includes master service and data protection agreements.

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Nearshore Team Augmentation is a service that allows you to add more talent to your team as needed.
This enables firms to quickly locate the perfect person for hard-to-fill or temporary positions, increasing project scalability and efficiency.

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