AI Meditation Guide Application

Client: Supplier of Software for Mobile Devices

Industry: Mobile Development

Goal: The development of an AI-powered mobile meditation app.

Tech: Objective-C, iOS, Swift


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We had to brainstorm and come up with an idea as to how to create an easy to use mindfulness meditation app to control stress and anxiety, driven by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning approaches.

The mobile app provides users with personalized, guided meditations depending on their mood and state. There is also an opportunity to enjoy unguided meditations with nature sounds.


The following features had to implemented into the app : 

• Registering via Google+, Facebook or email. Users are able to use the app by signing up for the 3-day Free Trial.

• A wide range of meditation channels – users can subscribe to their favorite ones;

• Auto-Renewable Subscription – when users subscribe, ads are disabled and all the extra features are unlocked;

• Interactive dashboard visualizing personal improvement;

• Gratitude journal;

• Notifications/Daily reminders, including reminders for mindful breathing exercises to keep you centered;

• Scheduling meditations – specific times and special occasions can be preset;

• AdMob Banner Ads and Pop-up Ads;

• Integration with Apple Health.


We successfully managed to integrate all solutions into one mobile device application along with its own AI-driven design, to help users control their stress and anxiety levels.


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