Apartment Booking Platform

Client: Global provider of technology solutions for travel industry

Industry: Travel

Goal: Connect property owners with potential tenants in a convenient booking platform

Tech: Python, Django, Jinja, jQuery, CommonJS, JS, Swift, AngularJS, Gulp, Kotlin


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Designing and developing a user-friendly booking system that allows tenants to locate and instantly book apartments from a variety of cities. The client wanted to allow apartment owners full control in every step of the renting process, from providing information about the flat to working with payments.


The client wanted to build an online booking and reservation system. The tools needed to build such a platform consisted of various features, that allowed users to book available apartments instantly and conveniently, and introduces instant booking – a constructed set of options for the booking process, that does not require a property owner’s confirmation, consisting of :

• A payment system integration, to deal with all the booking fees.
• SMS services integration, and also a dashboard where information is displayed accordingly and in an orderly fashion.
• A scoring system to rank the property owner amongst others based on their in-app activity.
• Automated info-calls system.
• Rent offers promotion during train ticket purchase.


A web application designed for tenants and property owners that allows:

• Registering and managing their accounts.
• Filling in guest forms.
• Locating apartments via a search feature and filter options.
• Detailed information about listed apartments, including map location and calendar.
• Contacting of the apartment owner to confirm bookings and further queries.
• List and receive alternative apartments in case of booking request rejection.
• Cancelling of booking requests and refund availability.
• Viewable history of own bookings.
• Creation and management of the owner’s profile, along with photo, personal data and banking details.
• View and manage bookings.
• Receive notifications after configuring them via Owner’s Profile.


The creation of an online web platform that enables property owners and tenants to rent, purchase and sell apartments, as well as manage their bookings and payments, while having the ability to look at detailed information about bookings and owner’s information. The platform connects potential tenants and property owners, and enables the booking and payment process to continue smoothly from both sides of the party.


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