Cross-functional teams

3 Ways Staff Augmentation Solves the Hiring Problem

The insatiable requirement of skilled workforce has given rise to many staffing strategies, of which staff augmentation is creating a lot of buzz. In today’s dynamic work environment, which is
React team augmentation

Top Benefits of React Team Augmentation

Over the last decade, outsourcing software development has become increasingly popular. According to the World Economic Forum’s The future of Jobs Report 2018, between one-half and two-thirds of companies are
AI is helping the help desk

How AI is helping the help desk

Great customer service builds trust, inspires brand loyalty, and earns repeat business. So it’s no surprise that, according to Deloitte, close to 90 percent of organizations name improving the quality
Virtual reality avatars

Wanted: Realistic avatars for virtual reality meetings

It’s not just for gaming anymore. After decades of false starts virtual reality, and its more outward-looking cousin augmented reality, is poised to have a big impact on the tech
Blockchain in the financial industry

Blockchain – the 5G of the payment industry?

Blockchain is making big waves. The distributed ledger technology has captured the attention of the world and caused disruption across different industries and sectors. Features such as decentralization, immutability, and transparency make
AI, ML and Robotic Process Automation

Betting big on AI, ML and Robotics Process Automation

The automation revolution is picking up pace, placing severe pressure on business and technology leaders to realize the expected upside and mitigate downside risks. Technologies like AI, Machine Learning and Robotic
Linear algebra for deep learning

Linear Algebra for Deep Learning 

Linear algebra is a form of continuous rather than discrete mathematics. Deep Learning is a subdomain of machine learning. Linear algebra, probability and calculus are the ‘languages’ in which machine learning

How to Turn Your Website into a Mobile App with 7 Lines of JSON

What if someone told you that 7 lines of JSON is all you need to turn a website into a mobile app? No need to rewrite your website using some

Automating your application delivery with CI/CD pipelines

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery are foundational practices for delivering quality software on more frequent schedules. CI/CD automates the application integration and delivery steps and standardizes application configurations. Here’s how
Coding bootcamps

How to find a developer job after coding bootcamp

If you want a real developer job, a coding bootcamp won’t get you in the door. But if you add some real experience, you’ve got a shot. Here’s how to


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