Development Teams

Building distributed software development teams

We at GetDeveloper have always respected and understood a company’s decision to keep development teams in-house. It is important to have your IP secured and grow a core team that
Software Development Communication

Software development communication in distributed teams

Let’s take a closer look at software development communication in distributed teams. The most successful software projects consist of one motivated developer. The reason being that there is no hand-off
software development partner

How to choose a quality software development partner

Software Development has come a long way from being an obscure discipline only practised by a few. These days technology, and therefore software development, is a crucial element for businesses
About getDeveloper

Trust your Software Development Partner

Yesterday a potential client asked me why he should trust an outsourced team with his company’s technical IP, saying it was like outsourcing his wife. The latter disturbed me, but
software development partner

How pervasive is AI in your shopping experience?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been around for more than 60 years, gaining main stream adoption in the last decade, with investment increasing more than 6X since 2000. Most people don’t
My Blockchain story

My Blockchain Story

My Blockchain story. I have always been interested in cutting edge trends, I appreciate the new and outrageous whether it’s fashion, food or technology. I love to be part of
ai assistant

A week with Mandy, my AI personal assistant

I was super excited when I started to see the emergence of AI Personal Assistants. These nifty little AI personal assistant not only schedule meetings, they also select preferred times,
Software Development Fail

Why do software development projects fail?

Software Development could be considered an art and a science. This is one of the reasons why it is not as predictable as other engineering disciplines. Leaders in the industry
Mobile in Brick and Mortar

Mobile applications enabling innovation in brick-‘n-mortar

Could mobile applications become the enabler for innovation in brick-‘n-mortar retail? Much attention has been given to the phenomenal rise of e-commerce, as consumers delight in the convenience of shopping
Big Data Demystified

Big Data Demystified – A quick overview

The term “Big Data” has become a new IT buzzword. So, what is Big Data and how is it going to impact your life? Here is Big Data demystified: What


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