Fake AI faces

Real vs fake : can you tell the difference?

The faces in the image don’t seem particularly remarkable. They could easily be taken from, say, Facebook or LinkedIn. In reality, they were dreamed up by a new kind of AI

5G: A transformation in progress

5G networks are the next generation of mobile internet connectivity, offering faster speeds and more reliable connections on smartphones and other devices than ever before. The networks will help power a
Beating cancer with machine learning

Beating cancer through machine learning

Detecting cancer at an early stage has long been a focus area in healthcare. From IBM Watson to other major players, a lot of money has been spent trying to

Cristiano Amon is convinced you’re going to be thrilled with 5G

The paradigm shift that 5G technology is poised to bring is going to have a lasting effect across a number of industries. Hailed as the next evolution in mobile networks, the
VR surgery instruction

Accredited surgery instruction now available in VR

The room is dark except for the small section of abdomen illuminated by the surgical lights overhead. The steady chirp of the heart monitor fills your ears, as you hold out your hand

Clever AI hid data from its creators to cheat

Artificial Intelligence has become so intelligent that it is learning when to hide some information which can be used later. Research from Stanford University and Google discovered that a machine learning agent
Ai and IOT digital transformation

Digital transformation in 2019

Digital innovation continues to disrupt industries at lightning speed. Today’s organizations are transforming their entire business – from strategy to operations, technology to culture – to better deliver value to
Customer engagement

5 customer connection trends to watch

Leading brands know that running a successful business is more than selling and making a profit; long-term success is defined by a brand’s ability to form a lasting connection with
DeepMind’s AlohaZero

How DeepMind’s AlphaZero Mastered Complex Games With No Human Input

Robots haven’t taken over the world yet…but this is a good start. Imagine this: you tell a computer system how the pieces move — nothing more. Then you tell it
VR in the enterprise

5 strategies for navigating VR in the enterprise

One trend that’s gaining a lot of traction in the enterprise space is virtual reality (VR). Alongside its related technology, augmented reality (AR), businesses are expected to hugely increase the


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