CRM for Mechanical Service Industry

Client: Service Management & Sales Software for Mechanical Industry

Industry: Mechanical Service

Goal: Create a tool for simplifying and automating the selling process for service constructors and maintaining the integrity of the company’s data.

Tech: SpringBoot, Spring stack JPA, Hibernate 5, MySql


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 Our client is a leading provider of service management and sales tracking software for the mechanical service industry. The company was seeking a team to develop a CRM with multi-tenant elements. It was important to the client to hire a vendor with experience and a successful track record in CRM development.


We needed to create a CRM that would streamline sales processes for mechanical service contractors. We had to get acquainted with the industry requirements and specifics to understand how the client’s industry worked. During the development, the client collected feedback from contractors, which we implemented into the CRM, to :

• Create an easy to use tool for simplifying the selling process.

• Maintain the integrity of the company’s data.

• Tailor the system to meet the needs of the company.


The outcome of the project is a robust CRM designed to guide contractors through the sales process. It has enhanced visibility over the activities of the sales team, supplying users with the most current tools and options. The project contains tools for  mobile surveying, project estimating, and proposal generation, all of which streamline the sales process.

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