Client: Provider of Telecommunications

Industry: Database / Software

Goal: Create a fully managed multi-region Apache Cassandra cluster deployed in cloud (AWS) for the client.

Tech: Apache Cassandra, AWS, DataDog, ELK, Ansible


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The client had developed a data model for initial use case on top of Apache Cassandra cluster, but soon realized that operating, monitoring, and scaling a large, multi-region cluster in the cloud takes time and skill. Our challenge was to define the SLA and control the operation of the cluster so that the client’s technical team could focus on further development of business functionality.


Apache Cassandra was installed manually in multiple AWS regions, with basic monitoring in place. We assessed production readiness by looking at current configuration, load testing, failure scenarios, and automating operations before moving to a managed service engagement according to a clearly defined SLA, which included maintenance and support, overseeing the whole cluster, and expanding if needed, into new regions.


• We fully managed the cluster while providing access for the development team.

• We successfully implemented automated  monitoring and alerting for ease of operations.

• Practiced constant failure and stress testing of cluster performance according to defined SLA.

• provided access to the client and team members to follow up on performance and monitoring.


We created a fully managed Apache Cassandra cluster spread into multiple regions with 24/7 support, with a limited amount of time to create new data models or fine tune cluster performance. Due to the rapid development of the application itself, we allowed technical teams to focus on business features.


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