Client: Global Provider of Managed Staffing and Services

Industry: Mobile Development

Goal: Develop a mobile application that will allow clients using discount coupons, to use their mobile phone for the usage and scanning thereof.

Tech: iOS, Android, Realm DB, JSON, Firebase, Social API’s


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We had to create a mobile application that would capture discount coupons on the move, collect, use, and save them. The project started off by monitoring which available functionalities we could give the application. We also needed to create an easy-to-use and responsive design as well.


In order for us to make the most of the application, we deployed the following functionalities into the development phase of the application:

• Authorization and registration module.

• Displaying lists of coupons.

• Displaying coupons on Google map.

• Viewing companies.

• Integration with social networks and instant messengers.

• Coupons activation by detecting beacons, registered by these coupons.

• Coupons activation by scanning a barcode.


An application that allows users to see discount coupons from various establishments (restaurants, shops, cinemas, airports) on the move, collect and use them. The app helps the users to reach the desired location by using mobile application navigator, and also can simultaneously support discount and advertising campaigns in different cities/regions.


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