Building distributed software development teams

Development Teams

We at GetDeveloper have always respected and understood a company’s decision to keep development teams in-house. It is important to have your IP secured and grow a core team that understands your vision, development process and who are familiar with your coding best practices.

We are also aware how challenging it is to find and build these teams. The competition to retain tech experts is fierce and quality coders are not always looking for a career change when you need them, nor do they even reside within your city.

That is why we have sourced and created solid remote groups that can work exclusively for you as long as you need them. Whether it is one developer or more, they will become part of your primary team and grow with you.

GetDeveloper accomplishes this by listening to, and understanding, your requirements which ensures that we provide you with the skills you need dedicated to your company.

Our developers work from remote offices located across Eastern Europe and we have spent a great deal of time, and effort, to make sure that we have found the absolute top performers out there.

With GetDeveloper you can be assured that we will always aim to exceed expectations.

Let us chat and build the future together.

Gail Weiner

By Gail Weiner, Co-Founder getDeveloper

Gail is an I.T Business professional with over 20 years development, business and sales experience. She has a proven track record in program managing large scale IT projects for companies all over the world. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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