eSports LAN Platform

Client: LAN Gaming Event Hosts

Industry: LAN Gaming Events

Goal: Create a platform for hosting LAN and other gaming events.

Tech: Node.js, REST, JSON, Websocket, GetText, Angular, Express, Postgresql

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Our team set out to develop a eSports LAN platform for hosting LAN and other gaming events. The aim was to give the best experience for eSports attendees and provide a powerful marketing and selling tool for event organizers, containing several unique features tailored exclusively to LAN organizers and visitors.


The idea behind the project was to build a platform that will add value for gamers, spectators and event organizers. The product should be specific to the following :

• eSports community.

• Common standards of user interface and user experience.

• Provide a flexible, reliable and secure tool which will allow LAN organizers to create events and sell tickets.


Building wireframes allowed us to define the information architecture, perform early usability testing and get feedback from the stakeholder without worrying too much about visual look. After a lengthy preparation period, we focused on visual form. The design represents a well thought-out UX. To ensure consistency throughout the entire website, we developed guidelines which explain how each individual UI element works. 

We used Node.js + ES6 to build REST / JSON service to handle thousands of concurrent users. Frontend is built as an SPA providing smooth user experience in every section of the application. Websocket is responsible for real time operations. For i18n we used GetText, which has a wide variety of supporting tools. This makes it very easy to use by translators in future.


We successfully built an eSports LAN platform to gather the community and LAN organizers and provide services from event information and news, to selling tickets. The platform provides information about, and quick access to, upcoming gaming events and tournaments


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