Client: Technology Development Company 

Industry: Agriculture, Logistics and Transportation, eCommerce, eTickets, Retail and FMCG, Marketing and Advertising.

Goal: Develop a Telegram chatbot to create a model of the cryptocurrency market for an IT event.

Tech: PHP, BotMan, Laravel


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Develop a system that allowed us to distribute a limited amount of  bitcoins to the audience so that their price would increase after each distributed coin.

We did not know how many people would ultimately attend this event and could not predict how many of them would want to participate in our challenge or how active they would be.


• We created a special dynamic formula according to which the exchange rate of coins was changing during the day, mimicking real market conditions.

• Each completed task was evaluated in points which were equal to a certain amount of coins. The back-end of this system was written on Laravel and helped us to easily increment the points of the users, automatically reset the user’s balance giving away prizes to them, change the price of the gifts, and to publish new tasks for the participants, etc.

• This system enabled us to instantly correct the situation in case of unpredictable changes during the event.


Our chatbot became a convenient tool that helped them take an active part in our challenges and win prizes with no need to download any applications on their smartphones.


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