Knowledge Sharing SolutionClient: Knowledge Sharing Solutions Company

Industry: Health

Goal: To create a web solution that will facilitate and promote cooperation between various types of healthcare organizations

Tech:  Java, Grails, Jasper Reports, Groovy, JavaScript, MySQL, CSS


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A company specializing in knowledge sharing solutions, wanted to us to develop a web portal for healthcare organizations that will rely heavily on data visualization, and help them find shared focuses and expertise.


We devised the project into 3 categories:

  • Program Survey – allow new organizations to fill in the information regarding their programs, expertise and fields of interest so that their organization can be displayed accurately among other participants within the Network Map and Deep Dive sections.
  • Network Map – display all participating organizations through a force-directed graph or a cord diagram. The main purpose of this section is to display all of the programs in the Bridges Collaborative and how they relate to each other.
  • Deep Dive – feature a simple, but powerful data visualization tool for organizations to find insights about their programs. A Pivot table is used to see how program dimensions break down across important goals, and discover how other organizations are addressing similar goals.


The knowledge sharing solution was successfully developed on time and within budget. Data visualization techniques adhered to all criteria put forward by the client and featured a wide range of customization options for convenient viewing of multiple types of data simultaneously.


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