Client: Global Company providing Training & Education.

Industry: Education, e-Learning, Corporate Learning Management Systems.

Goal: Create a two-level learning management system for specialists in any field to post their courses and training programs on the platform. Users that would like to study a course are able to purchase and complete it online.

Tech: PHP, HTML, Yii, CSS


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The main challenge was to make education accessible by giving people the opportunity to learn from the best teachers without leaving their homes. To add their courses, companies had to be able to register on the platform and choose different options, eg. the number of students, or the field of study. A URL page needed to be created for students to register and log in to complete their studies.


This system offers convenient tools that allow creating custom courses and thus implement educational, teaching and management processes in the organization. It allows companies, organizations, or people (specializing in a particular field) to share their knowledge by registering and posting different study materials on the platform for anyone who would like to take their courses.


Companies can reduce the cost of hiring and paying salaries to teachers, instructors, training facilities, etc. The LMS system also makes it possible to access any course, anytime and anywhere. An admin panel was also created to generate students marks and certificates, billing of course fees, changing appointments to different times, as well as providing student progress statistics.


We delivered a convenient tool that allows students and teachers to work together efficiently and comfortably. LMS makes it easy for companies to manage different courses, create teacher profiles, generate certificates, as well as track their students’ progress.


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