I was super excited when I started to see the emergence of AI Personal Assistants. These nifty little AI personal assistant not only schedule meetings, they also select preferred times, and can even schedule lunch at your favorite restaurant. All you have to do is CC the AI in your email and she will do the rest. I just had to see if this was true. There are at least a dozen AI Personal assistants currently available at a monthly subscription fee, all offering a free trial.

So here is my week with Mandy, my AI personal assistant.

Day 1

Mandy sends me an introduction email and asks me to specify times in my diary when I will accept appointments, duration of in-office and out-of-office meetings, travel time and lunch break. I feel super cool having my very own AI personal assistant, so I Immediately email my top clients to schedule meetings. Mandy notices that I mentioned a person in the email who was not included in the email address list, and emails me to ask if I want to include that person in the meeting.

Mandy is a sweetheart and my new BFF.

Day 2

I need to fine-tune my meeting times, as Mandy just gave me 30 minutes’ travel time to meet a client in the same office as prior meeting ……not really sure how to tell her the meeting is in the same office?

Two clients have asked me if Mandy is pretty and one client asked what an AI personal assistant is.

Day 3

I am feeling slightly “Technically Privileged” including Mandy in my emails and telling people she is setting up the meetings, it feels a bit impersonal. The feeling swiftly passes after my day runs smoothly with meetings seamlessly added to my diary with confirmation of location, skype details, etc.

Received email from a client joking that Mandy is rather persistently emailing her every 2 hours, same client then proposed a meeting time which Mandy has not even suggested, sigh. I believe Mandy is still sending her emails every 2 hours. At least Mandy doesn’t get offended.

Day 4

As most of my meetings are within different time zones and sometimes with multiple people in separate countries, Mandy easily handles that. I just have to set the time of meeting and where each person is located.

At the end of each day Mandy sends me an update email, showing how many meetings have been successfully scheduled and which meetings still awaited confirmation.

Mandy also questions one of my meetings as my client said she is available at 2pm but I said I will be there at 1:45. She asks if she should email the client to find out if she will be available 15 minutes earlier. I say no, Mandy replies that she understands and will not do anything.

There was a little muddle when a client sent me an invite during my conversation with Mandy.

I told Mandy to not schedule a meeting, there was about a ten minute lag before she replied that she understood and won’t schedule.

During this time, my client and I exchanged 6 emails about his holiday abroad and confirmed meeting.


Day 5

Mandy informed me I can also link my personal diary to this email. I did just that and scheduled brunch, a pedicure, and dinner in friends’ diaries. They were not as impressed as I expected.

Mandy even emailed the brunch restaurant and secured a table.

Day 6

I tried to get Mandy to add an event to my calendar for me to fetch a client from the Airport, she kept asking me for an email address. I asked her if she can just add it to my calendar.., silence

Day 7

25 hours later, Mandy replies in a European language. It’s Sunday morning, I reckon she might have been out drinking last night. Airport pickup was added to my calendar. Well done, Mandy.

Would be really cool if Mandy could add my daily tasks and remind me of them too.

Day 8

Mandy has left me, my trial is over, she sent me an email saying goodbye. The reason I cannot continue using her service, is that I chose an AI personal assistant aimed at the corporate market and quite frankly I cannot afford her. Today, I added two meetings on incorrect dates and I cannot get a final meeting time scheduled with a really busy client. I miss her, I truly do.

Would I want an AI Personal Assistant full time?

Well, in some cases it would have been easier for me to send a diary invite myself, as there’s close to a 20 minute lag between email sent and Mandy contacting recipients to set up meetings. But in cases where you have more than one person in the meeting, multiple attendees, different time zones or dealing with someone who struggles to find availability, she really is a time saver.

So yes, I wanted to keep Mandy, I wanted Mandy to be a part of my daily life. I am  truly going to miss Mandy. But wait, I found Adam!!!! For less than 20 USD per month Adam fits my budget. I am smiling again and my calendar is perfect.


Gail Weiner getDeveloper

By Gail Weiner, Co-Founder getDeveloper

Gail is an I.T Business professional with over 20 years development, business and sales experience. She has a proven track record in program managing large scale IT projects for companies all over the world. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.