My Blockchain story

My Blockchain story. I have always been interested in cutting edge trends, I appreciate the new and outrageous whether it’s fashion, food or technology. I love to be part of innovation. Back in 2013 I discovered Bitcoin, wait let me get this straight, I discovered Blockchain and crypto just happened to be the creation utilizing this technology. As far as coding goes, I can change a screen to yellow and pink but when it comes to data, I can work my way around complex tables, joins and schemas, I love all things data and therefore Blockchain had my attention.

I began to chat about Blockchain to friends and on social media and was quick to discover, after many blank stares, not many people knew what I was talking about. So I started talking about bitcoin, ‘you know that currency used on Silk Road’, “Oh Bitcoin, the currency which Isis uses for collecting money for terror attacks”, “Oh the payment you use on Dark web to hire a hitman” Aaaah they knew a bit about that…….

My words were always, never mind Bitcoin, watch Blockchain, that’s where it’s at, it’s going to change the way we do everyday things. So I connected with some Blockchain enthusiasts, including two incredibly smart Scottish guys who had developed a Blockchain called Hyperledger. We used to chat and I tried to open some doors for them, I swear this is true, you can ask the Hyperledger guys.

I started the Ethereum meetup in Cape Town, and had one person interested. I linked with some dodgy players in Singapore, who are still in the Bitcoin game. I visited companies with the ploy of promoting Bitcoin payments, as a way to get them interested in Blockchain. I remember one client telling me she should introduce me to a friend of hers, he is as crazy as me and would love my ridiculous ideas about Bitcoin and the Blockchain, we would be a match in heaven. She sadly never introduced us, I believe he is a huge innovator in the marketing industry.

My problem was that I was so ahead of the curve, that you couldn’t even see the curve. My mistake was I started believing them, even though I knew in my heart that Blockchain was going to be groundbreaking, I sold myself out. I handed over the Ethereum meetup to the other attendee, I moved away from opening a Bitcoin training academy of which I was a co founder, I pulled away from anything Bitcoin and therefore Blockchain too.
And then there it happened, 4 years later and everyone was talking Bitcoin, for the wrong reasons though. It had become a currency to make more money not an alternative way to pay and live, but I will leave that for another article.

The fantastic part is that people discovered Blockchain and the most remarkable Blockchain ideas came to fruition, it’s an exciting time to be involved. One of my best friends recently attended a merchandising conference and was truly excited about how Blockchain is going to change the supply chain process and how she had never heard of Blockchain before. I reminded her that I told her about Blockchain on numerous occasions at dinner. She just replied, ‘oh Gail sorry I just thought it was another of your hair brain crazy ideas.’

What I have discovered is the belief in myself, to follow through no matter the sniggers from people who don’t know or understand, to not give up and most of all I am learning the art of patience, everything takes time. I love keeping up to speed with the latest technology trends and I know how to spot them, it’s a little bit of talent and a whole lot of curiosity. I am always connecting with companies who are working on the latest tech innovations. And I am inspired by their dreams.

Make sure to contact me if you have a great tech idea.

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Gail Weiner getDeveloper

By Gail Weiner, Co-Founder getDeveloper

Gail is an I.T Business professional with over 20 years development, business and sales experience. She has a proven track record in program managing large scale IT projects for companies all over the world. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.