Client: Provider of Administrative Retail Sector Navigation Systems

Industry: Mobile / Web Development

Goal: Build a navigation and marketing application in the retail sector that enables the user to be notified of a nearby retail object, its promotions and exciting offers.

Tech: Ruby, ROR, MySQL


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We had to create an application for navigation and marketing in the retail sector. The technology had to allow the user to locate a retail object within range of the beacon, receive any promotions and offers associated with the item, and to be notified of the location of the item.


It was decided to use a beacon management platform, BeaconControl, which consists of the server-side (on the basis of BeaconControl backend) and mobile SDK (IOS / Android SDKs, based on BeaconControl / Android SDK). 

The backend was built on Ruby on Rails, Ruby-Engines (customizable support), BeaconControl / SDK provided functionality for customizing beacon actions. Each trading object can set its own configuration to the beacon, as well as the information provided to users.


Due to iBeacon technology, any user located in the range of the beacon is notified of the location, promotions, and special offers related to a specific product. We handled the administration of the navigation systems, and improved the existing open source project on Ruby on Rails.


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