Client: Major Oil & Gas Company

Industry: Tourism

Goal: To develop and maintain an online platform where people can find and book tours and housing options, as part of a government initiative.

Tech: JavaScript, AngularJS, NodeJS, HTML5, JavaEE


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• Create an easy to use online tour booking platform.

• Implement a search to enable the finding of numerous tours and accommodations from around the country.

• Design with a solution in mind to cater to tourists as well as hospitality and tour companies.


Users can browse different countrywide thematic tours and read up on all relevant information. The application has the functionality similar to many conventional online accommodation booking services. Visitors can check availability of different tours on various days, book available tours, accommodations, and then give ratings of tours as a whole or their individual components.


The platform is a  similar design to that of well-known travel and hospitality booking services to give users a familiar feel. However, it features a number of elements that make it a unique service. The website features an enrollment program for hospitality establishments that want to participate in the program and submit applications for later review.


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