Client: Large Watchmaking Conglomerate Manufacturer

Industry: Retail

Goal: Create a watch maintenance web portal for our client, to ensure better customer awareness.

Tech: Java EE, Angular, MySQL


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The client needed a powerful web portal that would allow customers to find information on watch maintenance and place repair orders, while significantly reducing the efforts for managing this area of operations. The portal had to solve the customer’s business problem, and help watch owners obtain better customer service. It also needed to enhance the client and its partners’ brand identity.


The functionality allows for placing and keeping track of repair orders through a personal account, browsing documentation and manuals for all watch models, and searching the entire network of authorized distributors and service providers around the world. This functionality can be accessed separately for each brand that the group encompasses.


The solution was successfully developed on time and within budget. The highlights of the portal are the sophisticated search functionality, sleek design and user-friendly interface.


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