Road Trip

Client: US based startup software company

Industry: Travel & Tourism

Building an MVP version of an innovative travel application

Tech: Ionic, Spring Boot, Postgres, Postgis, Google Cloud Pub/Sub, ImageMagick, MozJpeg, Google Firebase




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To build a proof of concept and ensure the idea meets the market need, the client partnered with us on developing a minimum viable product (MVP). Accounting for the startup’s limited budget and tight deadlines, our team devised a step-by-step roadmap from idea to fully functional application that would usher in the new travel ecosystem.


Large corporations and middlemen are pushing small businesses out of the travel industry, while failing to meet the travellers’ needs for relevant data and secure payments. The application enables families to plan road trips and vacations by providing current information on local lodgings, sightseeing locations, and prices as well as enabling safe transaction through a proprietary blockchain solution. Small business owners attain advertising possibilities and secure blockchain payments without the risk of high fees, chargebacks, and counterfeit bills. The solutions mobile app and blockchain form a safe family travel ecosystem beneficial for travellers and business owners.


We created a solution that has the capability for planning trips around the USA. A plan can include multiple endpoints for your trip. The database has more than 700,000 different locations which includes parks, museums, trains, camping etc.

Some of the features included:

  1.  Allow users in the ecosystem to chat with each other
  2.  Send notifications with context specific information
  3.  Show events in your vicinity
  4.  Full-text and geolocation based searching 


Our team guided the client through the underlying difficulties of MVP development from industry analysis through strategy planning to the delivery of an investment pitch-ready application. The MVP development process met the client’s primary constraints of budget and deadline.


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