Road Trip

Road Trip Solution for Travel industry

Client: US based startup software company Industry: Travel & TourismGoal: Building an MVP version of an innovative travel application Tech: Ionic, Spring Boot, Postgres, Postgis, Google Cloud Pub/Sub, ImageMagick, MozJpeg,

Virtual Concierge Services

Client: Marketing and advertising company that specializes in the hospitality industry Industry: Hospitality Project Duration: 3 months Technologies: Cordova PhoneGap   Speak to us about your software development requirements:  

Real-Time Inventory Management Platform

Client: Global provider of technology solutions for retail industry Industry: Retail Goal: Assist in reviewing and implementing a Kafka-based real-time stock counting subsystem Tech: Java, Spring, Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ, Apache
AI risks

AI’s biggest risk factor: Data gone wrong

Artificial intelligence and machine learning promise to radically transform many industries, but they also pose significant risks — many of which are yet to be discovered, given that the technology
Machine Learning and Big Data

Integrating Machine Learning Into Operations 

Integration of ML is on the top of almost every company’s to-do list nowadays. Adoption of machine learning does not just ‘happen’, though. It is is a process, and if
Convergence of 5G, AI, Data Analytics, IOT

The Convergence of 5G, AI, Data Analytics, and IOT

There is an ongoing convergence of four key technologies that are poised to transform the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) ecosystem. On their own they will have a huge impact,
Four P’s of Data-Centricity

The Four Ps of Data-Centricity: People, Platforms, Processes and Partners

Big data isn’t just Google’s plaything. Every business wants its slice of the audience data pie. Becoming data-centric isn’t an option anymore. Here are the four pillars financial marketers must
Big Data

How Does your Business Stand to Benefit from Big Data?

Big data techniques complement business intelligence (BI) tools to unlock value from enterprise information. Whereas BI traditionally performs structured analysis and provides a rear-view mirror into business performance, big data
Big Data

Six Big Data Use Cases for Modern Business 

Today’s organizations have vast amounts of data from all aspects of their operations. But how exactly can big data provide business intelligence unlike other data mining techniques? This blog outlines six
Big Data in Pharmaceuticals

How big data can revolutionize pharmaceutical R&D 

Pharmaceutical R&D suffers from declining success rates and a stagnant pipeline. Big data and the analytics that go with it could be a key element of the cure. Effectively utilizing data


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