Blockchain in the financial industry

Blockchain – the 5G of the payment industry?

Blockchain is making big waves. The distributed ledger technology has captured the attention of the world and caused disruption across different industries and sectors. Features such as decentralization, immutability, and transparency make
Blockchain will change computer gaming

How Blockchain Is Changing Computer Gaming

If you are looking for an industry likely to be completely disrupted by blockchain technology, look no further than the gaming industry. Blockchain gaming is already turning the gaming sector
blockchain-based mobile app for mid-term voting

Blockchain-based mobile app for mid-term voting

West Virginia will be the first state ever to use a blockchain-enabled mobile voting app. Developed by Voatz, the app will allow absentee voters to cast ballots by smartphone or

Blockchain: a new AML kid on the block

Financial institutions globally find it increasingly difficult to meet tough anti-money laundering and enterprise fraud management requirements while also maintaining their edge to serve and retain customers. Blockchain technology may
Blockchain use cases

10 Real Examples of Companies Using Blockchain In Their Practice

Blockchain is defining the future of financial freedom, which are enabling companies (and corporations) to not only trade around the world with anyone but also spend. Take a look at the
Blockchain in the food industry

Yes, These Chickens Are on the Blockchain 

Was the chicken you just bought at the supermarket free range? Did it eat healthy grains? If you are the kind of person who cares, Carrefour has the bird for you.
My Blockchain story

My Blockchain Story

My Blockchain story. I have always been interested in cutting edge trends, I appreciate the new and outrageous whether it’s fashion, food or technology. I love to be part of
Blockchain in the mining ndustry

Leveraging Blockchain To Revolutionise The Mining Industry 

The potential impact of blockchain is driving businesses to rethink existing business models, re-examine opportunities previously thought non-viable, and explore a new frontier of opportunity that can impact the bottom

How Blockchain Is Impacting Data and Processes in Insurance

Business professionals across many industries are currently grappling with the implications of blockchain technology. One industry where having a distributed, encrypted, and immutable ledger of transactions could have a major
AI and Blockchain

How Blockchain And AI Can Help Pharma Focus On Innovation Rather Than Advertising

Pharmaceutical companies spend a tremendous amount of money each year on advertising and marketing. This strategy is designed to promote drug products by influencing the prescribing practices of doctors. One


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