Developer Career pitfalls

8 career pitfalls every software developer should avoid

If you love to code, and don’t think much about your career or your business, it’s time to get real and rethink how you approach software development. You’re not coding for
Coding bootcamps

How to find a developer job after coding bootcamp

If you want a real developer job, a coding bootcamp won’t get you in the door. But if you add some real experience, you’ve got a shot. Here’s how to
Benefits of Being an IT Consultant

Benefits of Being an IT Consultant

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Are bootcamps worth it?

Are Coding Bootcamps Worth it? Should You Do It?

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software architecture career tips

Industry tips for transitioning into software architecture

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Why every developer.should have a blog

Why every developer should have a blog and stick with it.

A blog is useful for many reasons. It can become a source of leads, it can be the place where, in the future, you might sell your products, or it can
Effective tech lead

The Effective Tech Lead

Assuming the responsibilities of a Tech Lead is a staggering leap from the average engineer’s daily routine. There are myriad skills a Tech Lead must possess and cultivate, but the most
programming languages 2018

Programming languages to learn in 2018

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How to be a great programmer

How to be a Great Programmer: Awareness, Understanding, and Responsibility

There are three key factors to being or becoming a great programmer: awareness, understanding, and responsibility. This article takes a closer look at all three of these points and shows how,
Blogs for Software developers

40 Blogs Every Software Developer Should Be Reading

Software developers always need to be upskilling, and increasingly are expected to bring more than just great code to an organisation. With hundreds of blogs to learn from, knowing where


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