AI Meditation Guide Application

AI Meditation Guide Application

Client: Supplier of Software for Mobile Devices Industry: Mobile Development Goal: The development of an AI-powered mobile meditation app. Tech: Objective-C, iOS, Swift   Speak to us about your software
AI, ML and Robotic Process Automation

Betting big on AI, ML and Robotics Process Automation

The automation revolution is picking up pace, placing severe pressure on business and technology leaders to realize the expected upside and mitigate downside risks. Technologies like AI, Machine Learning and Robotic
Beating cancer with machine learning

Beating cancer through machine learning

Detecting cancer at an early stage has long been a focus area in healthcare. From IBM Watson to other major players, a lot of money has been spent trying to

Psychophysics and the bizarre science behind robots that know what we want

Humans are equipped with a powerful tool for social communication—the face. Identifying precisely what face information elicits different social perceptions is a complex empirical challenge that has largely remained beyond
IOT and Machine Learning

How IoT, Machine Learning, And Digital Twins Will Transform Real Estate

A growing hunger for everything to be connected to the web is having unexpected consequences for a range of industries. The real estate industry is no exception. IOT coupled with
Machine Learning and Big Data

Integrating Machine Learning Into Operations 

Integration of ML is on the top of almost every company’s to-do list nowadays. Adoption of machine learning does not just ‘happen’, though. It is is a process, and if
AI and sensors

Sensors and machine learning: How applications can see, hear, feel, smell, and taste 

AI and sensors have come a long way. Through the power of deep and machine learning, faster CPUs, and new types of sensors, computers can now see, hear, feel, smell,
Machine learning

Machine learning: Revolutionizing the logistics sector 

Machine learning, an integral part of artificial intelligence, is revolutionizing the logistics sector, in new and exciting ways, especially in shipping. Machine learning works by using fundamental computing power to determine
top 10 technology trends

Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends 2018

6 minute video
ML at Uber

Introduction to Machine Learning at Uber

9 minute video


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