Cristiano Amon is convinced you’re going to be thrilled with 5G

The paradigm shift that 5G technology is poised to bring is going to have a lasting effect across a number of industries. Hailed as the next evolution in mobile networks, the
5G and farming

How 5G will impact the future of farming

One of the more startling statistics about our ever increasing population comes from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization which states that farmers across the globe will have to grow
Instagram’s Shop Stories

Instagram’s shopping stickers for businesses see wide rollout

Shopping is more than an errand – it’s also about what you discover along the way. After testing out a new shopping feature in Instagram Stories this summer, the social
Digital and Analytics

How analytics and digital will drive next-generation retail merchandising

There is no denying that the retail landscape is undergoing a revolution unparalleled in recent memory. Over the past few years, the role and scope of the merchant has been forced

3 Ways AI Can Make The Most Of Mobile Data

AI has the ability to help companies understand their customers’ mobile behaviors to enrich the customer experience they have on their devices. For digital leaders, that value cannot be overstated.
How mobile technology is changing SMEs

How mobile technology is changing SMEs

The adoption of mobile technology has changed lives and businesses across the globe, and it isn’t looking to settle any time soon. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) have especially felt
5G and AI

How 5G Will Make AI-Powered Devices Smarter

Artificial intelligence (AI) can make devices do amazing and sometimes numbskull things. The combination of 5G networks with artificial intelligence may help machines better understand language in context and feed their
Convergence of 5G, AI, Data Analytics, IOT

The Convergence of 5G, AI, Data Analytics, and IOT

There is an ongoing convergence of four key technologies that are poised to transform the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) ecosystem. On their own they will have a huge impact,
Mobile in Brick and Mortar

Mobile applications enabling innovation in brick-‘n-mortar

Could mobile applications become the enabler for innovation in brick-‘n-mortar retail? Much attention has been given to the phenomenal rise of e-commerce, as consumers delight in the convenience of shopping
5G Mobile

4 Reasons 5G Is Critical For Mass Adoption Of AR And VR

We are on the verge of seeing AR and VR change the way we live. Companies have been waiting for AR and VR to go mainstream. However, we haven’t managed


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