Client: Global Provider of Talent Development

Industry: Software Development

Goal: Develop a talent development platform, that provides tools for companies to enable them to grow, and equip their employees with valuable skill-sets.

Tech: Angular JS, .NET, MySQL, Magento, NodeJs, Java, jQuery

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The client is a provider of tools and methodologies to companies to equip their employees with versatile skillsets and robust competencies crucial for ongoing success in their careers. They needed to find a reliable R&D partner to develop a talent development platform, allowing them to concentrate on solving the real problems in the field and attract new clients, while the engineering team implemented all technical details.


We needed to build an agile, flexible SaaS system, which would operate seamlessly and is highly scalable to meet the needs of a fast growing organization. The following criteria had to be met :

• Implement options to help with the connectivity to third party data providers and to provide an easy way to transfer data to and from them.

• The UI has to be clean, modern, eye catching and self-explanatory.

• Provide high durability and maximum security of the data, without affecting performance.


We developed a cloud based distributed system with RESTful API and modern, reliable and secure Angular 2 front end. The setup architecture ensures seamless function of the system even with very large numbers of users and optimizes the cost by allowing us to add resources on demand. With fully automated deployment and a fail-safe setup on Amazon Web Services platform, we have secured 99.99% uptime. Being a SaaS platform it is crucial to ensure continuous integration and constant monitoring using the latest technologies.


We successfully helped the client to execute its GTM strategy and launched a SaaS platform geared towards tracking employee performance. The product development is ongoing, bringing on board new and exciting feature requests from clients.

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