Virtual Concierge Services

VirtualConciergeServiceClient: Marketing and advertising company that specializes in the hospitality industry
Project Duration:
3 months
Technologies: Cordova PhoneGap



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To create a mobile app which will be used by hotels to make virtual concierge services. With the app, visitors will know where they can go for a taco or get a taxi. The mobile app should save time for both visitors and the hotel administration.


The challenges were to use native mobile platform features for the app created, using PhoneGap in order to save development time. The features we used in the app:

1. Yelp integration

2. Weather integration

3. Geolocation in order to show the right places and precise weather

4. In-app browser

The most interesting challenge was with using PhoneGap geolocation to make it work fast with iOS and Android.


We provided service from scratch until deployment to the Play Store and AppStore. Started with requirements analysis to development and deployment.



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