Client: Global Provider of Mobile Applications

Industry: Mobile / Telecom

Goal: Build a mobile application to collect data about the quality of the Internet as well as the mobile network provided by the network tower.

Tech: Java, Android


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We had to create an application that collects data on mobile networks in two areas:

• Information about signals from network towers.

• Information about the quality of the Internet available from a particular antenna.

When navigating through the selected locations, the mobile application collects data on the phone and sends it to the database on the server. Data from the server must be exported and visualized in a view of the network coverage map.


We developed the client and server applications from scratch, including the application architecture and the database. The goal is to determine the quality of the Internet and the quality of the mobile network that the network tower distributes.

Implemented functionality had to include :

• Display of the information about the user’s device.

• Display of the user’s location.

• Information on the connection to the network tower, communication operator and signal strength.

• Checking the speed of data transmission / reception.

• Ping server : The application determines how successfully the packets reach the server.


The successful development of an Android application that collects data about signals from network towers and information about Internet quality, and a server application that processes and stores this data.


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