IT Staff Augmentation: Finding Trustworthy Firms and the Advantages of Outsourcing in 2022

How to add more personnel to your development team in 2022

Outsourcing is a great way to accomplish company goals while using the fewest resources possible to support your strategic objectives. Companies that value expert services at fair prices have quickly adopted this delivery model.

Based on the demands of the present market, outsourcing organizations expanded the scalability of the services they offer. It now covers staff augmentation and dedicated development teams, two forms of software outsourcing.

Traditional outsourcing and staff augmentation have a significant impact on the global economy: in 2019, the outsourcing market reached $92.5 billion globally. This is due in part to the fact that outsourcing is thought to be cost-effective, but Deloitte also found that companies frequently choose to outsource so that they can concentrate on their core business operations.  For new projects outsourcing provides better flexibility, accelerated time to market, and improved service quality.


The IT sector needs highly qualified programmers who can offer high-quality work at competitive prices, and remote teams have shown to be an effective answer. Staff augmentation gives the benefits at a fraction of the cost because hiring in-house professionals is a difficult, time-consuming operation and freelancers are frequently unreliable. However, it depends on whether you choose a time & material or fixed fee business model.

Companies sometimes choose staff augmentation over internal hiring for the following reasons:

  • Hiring internally is pricey.
  • High employee turnover
  • Time spent on hiring, particularly given the hot IT market
  • A lack of local talent
  • Budgetary restrictions

The staff augmentation model: what is it?

According to the augmented staffing approach, an internal team can be expanded with specialists for temporary or ongoing projects.

It implies that you can fill a team’s skill gap by hiring devoted professionals who will meet the needs of a particular IT project, give your company a competitive edge, and remove the risks associated with hiring in-house staff.

For instance, you might be building an e-commerce website and already have a team of developers on staff, but you need two more programmers with specific knowledge to launch everything on schedule.

You can use a staff augmentation service to hire a software developer in 2 to 3 weeks rather than spending months on recruitment, contracting issues, and choosing a person who fits your team. Once the project is launched, you won’t face any legal issues if you decide you no longer need the team’s services.

You can select to grow your business with qualified software engineers from a database of profiles maintained by outsourcing services. Scaling your teams becomes simple and quick due to their professional talent pool. That is especially advantageous for businesses that frequently need to hire developers with a range of competencies and skill levels depending on the project.

By adding devoted professionals to an internal team on a short- or long-term contract basis, staff augmentation avoids the liabilities associated with permanent workers.

The staff augmentation model is an option if:

  • Your internal team is overworked, and you lack the talent to dedicate resources to a new endeavor.
  • Your company is experiencing a rise in employee turnover, or you might be able to find a temporary replacement for an employee who needs to take some time off owing to maternity leave, medical treatment, etc.
  • To complete the project, you need specialist knowledge that isn’t already in your team; once it’s completed, you no longer require that expert.
  • You are a tech-savvy individual or your team includes a CTO or PM.
    It’s essential to have someone in charge of the delivery because managing contractor staff falls under the purview of the client.
  • The team needs to grow quickly.
    Due to market demand, you can end up searching for a senior developer or someone with uncommon or in-demand knowledge for months.
    It is preferable to collaborate with a business that has access to a large pool of experts.

The Advantage of IT Staff Augmentation Services

To accommodate time and financial restrictions, many businesses use staff augmentation. Staff augmentation would be preferable to hiring a dedicated software development team if you already have a development team in place with a project manager or senior engineer responsible.

Dependable Adaptability

Staff augmentation becomes the ideal solution if you have a large impending project because it is flexible to business requirements and is secured by a big talent pool. You shouldn’t worry about an unexpected workload because this team extension approach enables you to add employees with the required skill set at any time.

Companies are able to take on projects of any scale and complexity in this way. Additionally, using staff augmentation will enable you to quickly fill open roles.

Ready to augment your team?

IT Staff Augmentation is a service that allows you to add more talent to your team as needed.
This enables firms to quickly locate the perfect person for hard-to-fill or temporary positions, increasing project scalability and efficiency.

Reduced Recruitment Time

Recruitment is a difficult undertaking with frequently unpredictability in the results. What happens if you spend six months looking for a replacement and the new hire leaves after a few months? If no one in your area can match the requirements, should you think about recruiting individuals from elsewhere? What if you have two weeks instead of four to find a specialist?

It takes too much time and effort to headhunt. Suppose you are unable to afford it. In that case, staff augmentation can be advantageous, especially if you partner with providers who keep a large database of vetted professionals so you can easily match them to your needs.

Less Expensive

Outstaffing on demand saves money on setting up a new workplace, furnishing tools, hardware, software, and other office supplies.

Additionally, the staffing providers will take care of the employee’s vacation, sick leave, health insurance, and tax obligations, so you won’t have to. Keep in mind that developer salaries may still be pricey if you want to acquire a high-caliber professional.

As a result, if you locate a candidate who meets your requirements, it is preferable to hire them right away rather than looking elsewhere for a better deal because there is a strong demand for professionals and you risk losing the applicant to someone else. Even so, it is still less expensive than hiring someone permanently.

The summary of costs associated with hiring internally, using platforms to find freelancers, or choosing staff augmentation with getDeveloper is shown below.

 In-house hiringStaff augmentationFreelance contractors
Extra costs for the companyTaxes, bonuses, non-financial benefits, office rent, and supportNo commissionPlatform commissions
Hiring costsHR costs, job promotional ads, job placement commissionsgetDeveloper does candidate sourcing and assists with interviews for freeManagers’ time for candidate sourcing, screening, and interviewing

Effective Personnel Management

Staff augmentation offers greater control over the team and the process than project outsourcing. You have greater power when you perform management tasks yourself as opposed to delegating team management to an outsourced company.

You can also intervene right away by keeping an eye on the development process and team activities. So, when the outsourced manager informs you of a problem that could have been resolved three months ago, you won’t find yourself in a sticky situation.


Prioritize People Over Vendors.

Business owners look for vendors who specialize in IT outsourcing and are experienced and knowledgeable in their field. But regrettably, these aspects cannot ensure the excellent caliber of work that will be produced by their outsourced resources.

The best course of action in that situation would be to first select the vendor before focusing on the capabilities the project requires. Additionally, it is advisable to contract multiple vendors to make sure they can supply the resources you require.

Regardless of the vendor, the staff augmentation approach enables you to choose a specialist with the precise skill set you require. You can choose three distinct programmers from three different companies, or you can hunt for a vendor who can provide all three at once.

What Risks to Think About with Staff Augmentation

Expanded management.

Most augmented employees won’t be located with other developers in the office. To avoid risks and miscommunications, you must implement a clear project timeline, align workflow, establish communication channels, and track task delivery.


Privacy Risks.

Make sure your data is safeguarded when you hire a third party by using NDA contracts and data protection agreements.



Whether you are outsourcing nearshore or offshore, communication will be crucial. Schedule your workdays to accommodate the various time zones. Decide on the best communication tools and how to use them. Some of the tools that work well: Slack, Jira, Confluence, Teams


Establish the project tools you’ll use. Tools like Jira and confluence not only helps with communication, but also assists with asynchronous syncing as well. Everybody on the project team will always have all the information available for progress tracking, planning work and decision making.

Where Can I Find a Reputable Staff Augmentation partner?

The merits and cons of staff augmentation are the same as those of any other outsourcing approach. Finding a dependable and trustworthy partner, particularly when sourcing in offshore locations is imperative. Therefore, if you decide to hire more software development staff, keep the following factors in mind:

Consider the needs.

You should first evaluate your current needs to determine whether Staff Augmentation can fulfil your requirements. 

Do you need a certain skill set or do you need to make room on your internal team for a mission-critical project?

Take note of the project’s potential duration as well as the project’s scope.


Verify the Partner’s Credentials

Examine the feedback and attestation provided by the vendor’s prior customers.

Consider their experience and work history as well. See whether they have experience working on projects in your niche and if they have the necessary skill set in their stack.


Communication is critical for any project. Make sure that the new team members are in a timezone that has enough overlap for effective daily communication.


Why is getDeveloper your best partner for outsourcing?

getDeveloper is a reputable provider of dev team staff augmentation services with years of expertise assisting businesses in locating the best IT talent for both short- and long-term projects.

We collaborate with corporate organizations, funded startups, and mid-sized companies to supply top personnel in an effective and affordable manner.

getDeveloper can assist you in utilizing local or international dev expertise to fill the gap if your development team is already stretched thin and lacks the capacity for additional work on ongoing projects or new ones.

For a free onboarding meeting and a free developer skills evaluation tailored to the needs of your project, get in touch with us right away.

Ready to augment your team?

IT Staff Augmentation is a service that allows you to add more talent to your team as needed.
This enables firms to quickly locate the perfect person for hard-to-fill or temporary positions, increasing project scalability and efficiency.